GF is a Real Estate Investment and Advisory firm, focused on developing unique commercial and residential projects with singular characteristics.

The company has been leveraging it's Real Estate expertise by advising and investing in emerging and upcoming locations such as Lisbon and Oporto.

GF supports other corporate and private investors by managing their real estate portfolio in every single stage of the investment chain:  Requirements  >  Planning  >  Search  >  Project  >  Licensing  >  Execution  >  Oversight  >  Delivery.

With proven results, our processes and proceadures mitigate investment risk throught the creation of economic, social and environmental VALUE.

Pedro Frutuoso



Led by Pedro Frutuoso, a senior manager with family roots in real estate market since the 80´s.

He has more than 20 years of experience in top management of tier1 multinational companies in the financial, consulting and risk capital sectors. Frutuoso was involved in the management of companies with three digits turnover.

More recently has been focused in developing GF Real Estate Investment and Advisory firm.


We TARGET only exceptional assets and less exposed to market volatility.

FOCUSING on creating solid relationships with our partners and clients, we are driven by COMMITMENT and ENGAGEMENT towards our buisiness by building economic, social and environmental VALUE.

1. Selectiveness
2. Trust
3. Dedication
4. Value


We value excellence, attention to detail, proven analytical skills, a broad network and a wide range of interests. If you are looking for a challenge, tell us why you fit in our team.


GF manages around 20 development projects accounting for more than €83 million worth of investment, coming from both own investment and family offices.